Pinoywords is back

It’s been ages since my last post, and for a reason: the past couple of months have been so full of activity, language-related and otherwise, that I barely had time to breathe, much less write. The image below is a summary of what I have been up to since July: I gave a talk on World Englishes at the OED Symposium here in Oxford, I was on a research visit in Manila and Singapore, I spoke at the Asialex Conference in Bali, and through all this I was very much involved in the early stages of a groundbreaking new project at Oxford University Press: the Pinoy English Community Dictionary, which was introduced at the Philippine English Symposium held at De La Salle University on September 14, and attended by no less than 600 members of the Filipino Anglophone community. 

It is truly an exciting time for lexicography and Philippine English, with new opportunities and prospects on the horizon. Now that I am back in Oxford and with time for respiration and reflection, I will be updating you on these developments, and will once again be commenting on various aspects of this wonderful language of ours.

For a start, please enjoy the blog’s new design, and my recently published post on Philippine English vocabulary on the OxfordWords blog.


With linguist David Crystal at the OED Symposium; traditional Balinese dancers open the Asialex Conference; in Singapore; coming home to my alma mater, UP Diliman; talking about the Pinoy English Community Dictionary at the Philippine English Symposium and on TV5’s Reaksyon